Playing By The Rules

Stepping out of my comfort zone here.

I try my darnedest to stay away from conversations regarding subjects where people have very strong opinions about things. Politics rank way up on that list and this election is especially fodder to fuel disagreements and possibly lose friends over. I am not interested in voicing my opinion on a candidate. It doesn’t matter, really, what I as an individual think or who my choice would be. What should matter is what the people as a majority have to say. The  principal that our system of voting in what we are taught to be “free elections” is supposed to be about seems to be lost. Sure, we are allowed to cast a vote but basically, it is being ignored by the delegates and party representatives.  It is very disheartening to see what has been happening in this election. It appears that the vote of the people has no voice. If the majority of the people show by a popular vote who they want to represent them, no matter what the delegates, party representatives or I personally may want to see happen, that is how it should be. It is supposed to be a government elected “by the people”, not just a chosen few. Our primary elections are designed to give our representatives a clear picture of what the people want. To just ignore the majority is dishonest, degrading and disloyal to the people. If our representatives and delegates truly cared about the people and the rights of the American vote, the results of the primaries would dictate who the party candidates would be. Some of you may not like the choice, but it is right, it is fair and it is supposed to be the American way. Instead, the election is being played like some kind of game. The system should not be manipulated in favor of another agenda. It is a slap in the face of every American soldier who has fought for our right to choose for ourselves through our vote to have it ignored. This fact should be causing the uproar regarding this election, not the campaign itself.


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