The Crows

There is just not enough time in the day or energy in me – to divide my attention into portions distributed equally.

I know all about the Serenity Prayer and the wisdom of not letting things get to me that I have no control over and cannot change. I know that it does far more harm than good to dwell on thoughts that make me feel bad. I really do try to focus on replacing disturbing thoughts with positive ones. In this particular instance, the only positive thing I can think of where these crows are concerned is that they are dead crows. The crows that I am referring to are strung up by their feet along the perimeter of a garden and left to slowly disintegrate in the hot sun. The purpose of this distasteful display is being a deterrent to other crows who may be planning on invading the cornfield planted there. There is also a scarecrow complete with a gun as if to shoot more crows if they should dare trespass there. I may be a little over the top where my compassion for animals and suffering is concerned – I realize that. But, I cannot drive past that garden without getting a sick feeling. I try not to look at it, but it is right along the only road into town that I have to drive by daily – usually more than once. It never fails to ruin my mood and force me to think some not very nice things about a person who would show such a lack of respect for life in such a base method.” They are just crows” I hear if I voice my opinion about it and mention that it bothers me. I can’t help it. They were living things that sought out a life and tried to survive. Killing them is one thing, making a mockery and example of their death is another.  I think it is just wrong to have so little respect for life – even if it is crows. Where is the line drawn? What if this guy doesn’t like feral cats on his property? Would he string them up also? I know there are many people who will think it is me that is being ridiculous, but is it so wrong to have the sight of dead animals be a cause of distress to me? Aren’t there worse things than being compassionate about animals – things like killing and torturing them? I never could stand being in a room with heads of dead animals mounted on the wall.  I don’t get it and I hope I never do. In the meantime, the cornfield has finally grown up enough that the poor crows are now hidden in the stalks and I no longer have to see them. I have made it a point not to find out whose garden it is because I don’t want to harbor bad feelings toward someone and I would if I knew who it was. I know that we can’t all agree on how to handle things and what is acceptable for one isn’t always the case for another. It is not for me to judge and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone else because there have been hanging there for weeks now. I can’t help the feeling that if it feels this wrong to me, there have got to be others. I hope so.