The Sweetest Thing

The next hour or so is spent in just observing my horses. We don’t have to interact – I know they know I am there. They give me brief glimpses into life of their private world. I savor the moments and deeply appreciate what they share.

I had what was probably the very best couple of hours I have ever had the other day ¬†with my horses. It was relaxing, thrilling, flattering and so rewarding. I have never been prouder of my work with horses – and I did NOTHING at all. My Guilty GirlTruthfully, I have pretty much put my horses on the back burner these last couple of months. The weather has been horrible, the holidays came and went and I just wasn’t feeling up to getting out there. Sure, I religiously care for my three and seven boarders, but that was about all I did – the chores. Nothing extra for me or my horses so I was feeling kind of disconnected. It was one of those rare beautiful warm and sunny days in the midst of the coldest weather we have had for years when I felt that irresistible pull. I needed to get out there with my horses. My first instinct was to ride. Rides had been few and far between this winter and the weather was perfect for it. But then I changed my mind and grabbed up a canvas chair and headed out to the pasture. We have a round bale in the lower pasture out of the wind and I plopped my chair down about 30 feet from it. A couple of horses were on the outskirts waiting their turn and the rest all stopped eating and watched until I sat down and settled in. Most resumed eating like it was an everyday event – except two. Grace and Patches exchanged looks and then sauntered over. It was like Grace was coaching Patches and telling her that even though she belonged to another human, I would be happy to visit with her. (Patches has been a little lonely since she rarely gets to see her owner). Grace stood about 3 steps from me and urged Patches closer to me. Patches then came and stood right next to me and I talked to her while petting her. She was so content and stood with me while Grace stood by. The entire time, my lead mare- and main squeeze- Guilty, had stopped eating hay and stood watching. After about 10 minutes she decided that was enough of that and pinned her ears and ambled over, moving Grace and Patches out of the area. It was her turn and I was her human. She moved into the space right next to my chair and planted herself within my reach. Still sitting, I stroked her face, neck, chest and front legs for awhile and then rested my head back, closed my eyes and just felt the warm sun on my face. I must have dozed for a few minutes because I suddenly became aware of a soft rhythmic breathing and the very lightest touch on my shoulder in time to the breathing. I peeked through my closed lids and there was my Guilty Girl stand over me, keeping watch over me while I slept. She was on the right side of my chair with her neck across the front of me and the very tip of her nose was touching my left shoulder ever so softly with every exhale she took. She was snoozing with me and we stayed that way for at least 30 minutes. The spell was broken only when she became aware of another person arriving at the barn and snapped to so she could do her job of being the matriarch of the herd. She lifted her head, turned toward the person and made sure I was awake and aware before she returned to the herd and the pile of hay.¬† There is just no words that I can express to describe how that simple act filled my heart and my soul sang with the harmony. I can tell you that there isn’t a trophy or a ribbon in the world that would have made me prouder or happier of an accomplishment with my horse. Amazing.